Doubts of a Young Investor

My greatest fear as a beginner investor was the fear of losing money. I did not have more than a few dollars, which I earned by doing homework for other students at my school. I knew that my money was laying around under the idol of Krishna for safekeeping and that it wasn’t going to multiply by itself. After conversing with lead strategist Mr. Jeff Courtney and Mr. Tom Muir during one of our morning sessions, I came to the conclusion...

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Welcome to Investment Mob

Welcome to the Investment Mob blog.  I created this space on the internet to form a community of investors that have a common interest in sharing winning trades using technical analysis of stocks.  Here I will provide swing trade picks that meet my criteria for the perfect trade.  Its a tough market out there and any advantage traders can have is appreciated.

Investment Mob is a premier investment Blog/Vlog/Newsletter created by lead Trading Strategist Jeff Courtney. The securities focused upon all trade on the major U.S. Stock Exchanges.   I use a swing trading strategy to pick stocks.  The formula revolves around technical analysis of securities. MACD and Stochastic Oscillators along with Parabolic SAR trends are used to determine the winning trades.

 Feel free to comment, share, and like any post I create.  All feedback is welcomed!