Facebook...a buy over the next 5 years???


Everyone asks what some of my favorite stocks are??? On the top of my list is always Facebook!!! As Facebook ( symbol: FB ) goes into their quarterly earnings session today, the stock is currently trading at $120.75 per share.  "That's too expensive!!!", "I'll by this stock when the price come back down!!!", are just a few of the many reactions I get.  Well, with the recent $10 or so drop in stock price, this may be the time!!!

The fact of the matter is that Facebook has had a slow and steady increase in value like that of a mature Blue Chip stock since its IPO (Initial Public Offering).  When it started trading in 2012, it came to the market at about $40 a share. Since then, Facebook has made all the right moves.  They have acquired many companies for their engineering talent but also purchased, what I feel, will be the engine that drives Facebook over the next few years. 

Facebook's purchase of Oculus VR for 2 billion dollars in 2014 may payoff hugh!!!  Oculus VR is a leading creator of virtual reality headsets.  As the virtual reality space continues to get larger and larger, as will Facebook's wallet.  Also, let us not forget that Facebook still owns the creative content platform of Instagram. What will become of this stock, only time can tell, but my money is with Facebook!!!