Fall of the House of Tesla

Like an Edgar Allen Poe poem, this tale may not have a happy ending.  For years now Tesla has promised investors that it will soon show positive earnings, but for years now we have watched their company earnings fall! This is not, however, reflected in the company's stock price.  The Tesla stock engine has been moving along quite nicely.

Despite the sluggish earnings reports, Tesla's stock has an All-Time high of $279.  In recent History(April 2016), Tesla stock was trading over $250 per share.  In August, the stock was at a high of $230 per share. Wow! Can you believe what I'm telling you? A stock that loses -$8.45 a share is trading at these highly inflated prices.  How long can CEO Elon Musk keep selling his dream to investors?  In my opinion, not much longer.

It has become a make or break time for Tesla and Elon Musk.  This upcoming earnings report will be the last hurrah for the CEO of the Millennials.  Unfortunately, I'm not banking on the turnaround that the company promises.

 As Patrick Henry said, "I know of one way of judging the future but by the past."

Be cautious Tesla investors!!! The electric car bubble may burst when Tesla announces their quarterly report on October 28th...at least for the short term.  This poem has already been written and Tesla will fall faster then Roderick Usher's House!!!